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元首一号命令:白軍對tg, 决战千里之外

that is a good one, thx, 元首

two disclaimers:


决战 here=忽悠, in the foreseeable future, tg=king of china, if not 4ever, and in the mind of majority of Chinese people, tg=china, kind of the language post author's "the Chinese pride is in our blood" type of 6k years Chinese cultural brain formation, with very little 色散 if any, particularly with tg's GFW and SR weaponry, qm hedge and sr hedge, double hedging, smarty tg.

and for that reason alone, white is going to and must avoid any 正面冲突 with tg/china, so,决战千里之外 is white's long term strategy, 千里 in 相对论四维时空.

and for the almost same reason, unless totally out of options, tg will not leverage on/invoke Chinese people's tg=china mindset, which is a powerful weapon of last resort type, but basically one time use only, and it could easily backfire, and how do you hedge such a backfire? no hedging? then no fooling around: unlike stupid KMT, tg has been hedging almost from day one, the so-called 统一战线法寶.

so the fishing island type of smokes are all fake and cheap shots, for 白軍 and tg to play with each other;

but north korea is a wild variable, what if it falls apart? neither 白軍 nor tg like that if, so it better not fall apart.


I 不作 physics research好多年, I hope more folks here in this forum comment and correct me

that said, 白軍對tg: 决战千里之外 is still the story of the century, with outcome/impact to be seen N years/decades/centuries later.

now lets go to the core of 白軍 logic



爱因斯坦's methodology if I may 妄加评论: 自然界统一性 and 逻辑的简单性 as "物理定律",坐标系变换不变, such as SR's 洛伦兹变换, and GR/gauge field theory's相位变换, etc, basically:

a from logic (of course assisted/comibined with 定向实验) 求实事 model;

I remember reading somewhere that 爱因斯坦 said that he would not even contemplate a 实验, if such 实验 could not pass his logic test first.

"I have read some of the posts by

witten1, changshou, and many others, very good postings on key

concepts such as 系综, 么正性, gauge, 測度, 度規, etc, the key physics/math aspects of the core of the white logic, I hope we have more of those kind of postings"

physics is all about energy (can we do anything without energy?), with 最小作用量原理, as one of the "cores of the white logic" to start with.


for a system to survive: it has to use 最小作用量, with 最大范围( to get information, often "最大體積" in 洛伦兹流形) 积分, kind of like the plant's animal behavior you guys discussed, and we could call that as plant's 最小作用量原理 or plant's AI, and from plant's AI to 費曼路徑積分, etc


if we can manage "1" part, we basically have system's 么正性,因果关系, 逻辑链条 established, in terms of defining 測度 with 機率 distribution in a well defined (L2 可积 mathmatically,or 位能場平方力 physics model wise) hilbert space, 冯-诺伊曼's 泛函, etc;

and such a system is normally called a "canonical (平衡正則) system", and within the system, we can calculate from 因 to 果, or from 果 to 因, classical 哈密顿系统辛流形, and going further into QFT under 相对论框架 , we could have 虚時間,实時間, 虚粒子,实粒子, off the shell, on the shell, and their 么正性,因果关系, 逻辑链条, etc;

QFT, gr are all well established and well 实验/觀測(for gr)证明 theory, of course, with 引力场量子化, full interaction partition function =still dreams .


so, logic wise, a "canonical (平衡正則) system"=数学完備 ,精确求解, 解析解, more likely 数值解, theoretically, because with with SR, QFT, GR or factored in , 么正性,因果关系, 逻辑链条 can even survive a situation such as "black hole": going through "black hole", system's 信息 not lost, and system can still manage to interact and feed back with the environment, surviving and moving on, I remember witten1 commented about "么正性@blackhole" somewhere.


taking the above to the extreme, folks like 霍金 can almost model every system (still not a full interaction model)with certain assumptions about the system.

"虚时路径积分就是正则统计,统计的样本是一个个热力学系统。一个系统给你,你知道它的Hamiltonian,那么你可以计算 ∫dτ H, 就是那个热力学系统的虚作用量,然后放到路径积分的框架下,就可以算各种平均测值和关联函数了。

所谓热力学路径积分,统计的是一个个(连接平衡态的)热力学过程。给你一个热力学过程,你可以计算这个过程的熵产生 S,这就是热力学过程的虚作用量,然后同样放到路径积分框架下,就可以开始统计你要的东西"

热力学还未发展完备? - 豆瓣

www.douban.com/group/.../7857358/ - 中華人民共和國 - 轉為繁體網頁

2009年9月1日 – 虚时路径积分就是正则统计,统计的样本是一个个热力学系统。一个系统给你,你知道它的Hamiltonian,那么你可以计算∫dτ H, 就是那个热力学 ...


I have not read the paper you quoted yet, but the above physics models'逻辑链条 should be the starting point of their QFT based AI model, and with that model思路

, physics start penetrating social sciences, a great start



I want to say it again and again, so far 白軍 logic is the only logic we have at humanity level, in terms of physics/mathematics, and we have to learn and understand it, period.

human's technological and industrial civilization as we know is the accomplishment of 白軍'from logic 求实事 model of physics/mathematics, period;


now 白軍's model starting getting into social science, big deal, so far economics is based on 白軍's old model of classical physics.

looks now they are start thinking about an upgrade.


for tg to deal with 白軍, tg has to be extremely careful with its current "人海战术实事求是"@ 1 政委统帅下 type of model,

vs white's from logic (of course assisted/comibined with 定向实验) 求实事 model, with the framework of 市場, 科技, US 4 政委(ws, wh, media, Hollywood) parallel

can tg get it?

中国科学院 理论物理所: basically 一代不如一代, the soviet and west educated those few top guns such as 周光召 etc, outstanding, but they are aged now, and I remember reading somewhere that he said very few in china actually really understand SR, not to mention gr, "changshou" post about GR is a pretty good one, I am not sure how many Chinese professors back home can write at his level, and witten1 has written quite a few post about qm, etc.

I hope more folks could write like that





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